Hoodoo is online DIY app creatorwith simple CTL(Create, Test,Launch) methodology
Hoodoo is Ideal for any one looking to establish mobile presence, from independent bloggers, individual artists to small and medium businesses.

Online CMS

All apps are configurable to Core: from Splash to Menu Types and screens

App 2.0

Apps witout installation Appaxy


Integrate your own Plugins


View app instantly, using Instant App

Admin App

Manage Apps via mobile, use Hoodoo Admin


All Apps are Push Notification Enabled

Why Hoodoo?

Do it Yourself(DIY) Platform


Develop once Change Anytime…any number of times


Real time Updates (Content updates on the fly)


Economical, with multiple payment options


Integrates with most of the ecommerce platforms and CMS


What We offer


Hoodoo Playground-Online CMS

AppStore ready apps created via playground drasctically reduces the time and effort to go mobile across iOS, Android and Windows


Admin & Instant Apps

Admin app for sending updates to apps, like Push Notification
Instant App to check server generated app on real device, via app code and password

Embed / QR Code:

embeddable script for your portal. QR code to enhance your brand value

Mobile site:

Mobile version of app at a link like Hoodooapps.com/client name


Single Page promotional site

Friend for start-ups:

Help startups struggling with mobile strategy, with pay as you go/revenue sharing models

How it Works

We are getting Recognized

Our Partners

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